Morgen Assist now integrates with iCloudNEWConnect your iCloud calendar to start automating your time, your way.
Auto-schedule travel and buffer time, block events from iCloud in your work calendar, and more.
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Automate your personal and team workflows for responsive time management that adapts to your changing needs.
  • flex-workflow

    Team Meeting Optimizer

    Do you and your team need more focused work time between meetings?
    Team Workflow
  • calendar-propagation

    Calendar Propagation

    Are your personal and work calendars always out of sync?
    Personal WorkflowMulti-instance
  • automated-travel-time

    Automated Travel Time

    What if your travel time was calculated and scheduled for you?
    Personal Workflow
  • buffer-time

    Buffer Time

    What if you took a few moments (or more) between back-to-back meetings?
    Personal Workflow

Coming soon!

Morgen Assist is in active development.
  • Slack Status Sync

    Want your Slack status to auto-update with your calendar?
  • Dynamic Time Blocking

    How much more will you accomplish with intelligently scheduled to-dos?
  • Focus Time Shield

    Tired of having your Focus Time hijacked by meetings?
  • AI Project Assistant

    How much will responsive project plans that auto-adjust to your team’s work accelerate productivity?
  • AI Scheduling Assistant

    Do you want Slack to be your scheduling sidekick and provided recommendations for ideal meeting times?
  • AI Conflict Eraser

    Do you want to be alerted of and able to resolve scheduling conflicts right from Slack?